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In the aftermath of the destruction caused by Hurricane Sandy on October 29, 2012, our

firm was contracted to do over 200 engineer reports documenting the devastating damage

to homes and businesses in the area.


I spent a year of my life mostly focused on visiting the properties of my neighbors and

neighboring communities.  I was everywhere from Brooklyn, to Queens, Nassau and Suffolk.

I visited homes in the hard hit areas of Breezy Point, Long Beach, and Freeport.  The destruction seemed endless. My heart went out to every storm victim I met along the way.


For me, the storm became personal. These are my neighborhoods. I live here. As such, I have slowly been getting involved in the recovery effort. I want our communities to become "Island Strong," so that homes and businesses are once again welcoming, safe, and protected against future dangerous weather events. If you are a victim of Hurricane Sandy who is still trying to recover, I would love to help you with a resilient design that meets your recovery needs.


I am offering Sandy Victims who are involved with the NYR program my promise of "The Three R's." Realistic expectations, Reliable service, and Reasonable Prices.  I pride my business on being fair and trustworthy.


If you are working with New York Rising, I pledge not to take advantage of you because you require a bunch of grant paperwork.  I want to do my job as an engineer, and I can not stress enough that a design is what you and your families will live with long after these extensive paperwork requirements are over. I am a licensed, insured, local design professional who wants to sell you a solution, not a government form.


I understand a grant from NY may be part of your solution. That is why I'll include all necessary NYR paperwork as part of your scope of work, and as long your project does not change, there will be no extra pricing if the program documentation requirements change. Whatever we have to do together to get you back on your feet, we will do.


I hope you will feel free to contact me to discuss your design needs. Call us at (516) 785-4200 to schedule a consultation. Please browse my page to see if you have a need my company can fill.  I will offer you a proposal that I think you will be comfortable with.


Hang in there, guys. You will get your homes and businesses back in order!



Andrew S. Braum, P.E. and Principal

Long Beach, NY After The Storm

A. S. B. Engineering, P.C.   1924 Bellmore Avenue  Bellmore, NY 11710   Tel: (516) 785-4200  Fax: (516) 745-9148  Email:

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